Latest Investment Plate Listings

  • Listed below are the latest Investment and Personalised Plates offered for sale by their owners. Use the contact details along side the plate in the main listing to contact the owners directly.

    If you have difficulty contacting the plate owner, please contact us.

Offer in
1M11 $20,000 ONOPersonalised Plate
33OO33 $6,500 ONODble number/Dble letter/Dble number
55AA55 $6,500 ONODble number/Dble letter/Dble number
TRIAD $1,500 ONOPersonalised Plate
55555 $51,250 ONONumbers repeating
44PP44 $4,250 ONODble number/Dble letter/Dble number
9G99G9 $3,500 ONONumber/Letter/Number repeating
99V99 $8,000 ONOSymmetrical - double number/letter/double number
0077 OffersAdjacent - double/double numbers
33Z33 $20,000 ONOSymmetrical - double number/letter/double number
444HHH $5,000 ONOTriple number/triple letter
O333 $30,333 ONOPersonalised Plate