Investment Plates Recently Sold

  • Listed below are the latest sales of Investment Plates.

    Where known, the sale price is shown.

PlateAsking Price
in $NZ
Sale Price
in $NZ
0033551,000.00Not disclosed
23454,990.00Not disclosed
00881,990.00Not disclosed
00O001,800.00Not disclosed
6TTTT614,900.00Not disclosed
65432Open to offersNot disclosed
9JJJJ9Open to offersNot disclosed
00VV00Open to offersNot disclosed
O99,000.00Not disclosed
0008883,600.00Not disclosed
PB 25,000.00Not disclosed
AQ 4,990.00Not disclosed
7T Open to offersNot disclosed
175 20,100.00Not disclosed
189 10,000Not disclosed
ICI Open to offersNot disclosed
7U7U 1,500.00Not disclosed
111777 1,990.00Not disclosed
000RRR 1,500.00Not disclosed
11FF11 1,000.00Not disclosed